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August 14th, 2019

Pointe-à-Callière’s Fall programming

Pointe-à-Callière’s Fall programming
Linden-Museum Stuttgart. Photo: D. Drasdow / Collection P. & D. Janssen-Arts, L’Agence des Arts et du Patrimoine de la communauté flamande et le MAS, Antwerpen. Photo: Hugo Maertens

Our must-see and can’t-miss exhibitions

The Incas, Treasures of Peru
From November 27, 2019

With its aura of mystery, the Inca civilization evokes a world of dreams… But what do we really know about them? To uncover the secrets of the Inca Empire, its origins and its legacy, and to showcase its highly refined artistic practices, Pointe-à-Callière presents the exhibition The Incas, Treasures of Peru from November 27, 2019 to April 13, 2020. From prehistory to the contemporary era, the Museum invites the public to explore the captivating world of Andean culture—and mainly that of Peru—through the Inca civilization, who were at once the heirs and bequeathers of some of the most fertile customs and exquisite craftsmanship in the world.

Admire 300 objects like gold and silver work along with ornaments and jewelry, vases, funerary masks and ritual objects, clothing and accessories, and magnificent feather and textile pieces with inspiring motifs that come from major European collections. This is a unique opportunity to get the full experience of the Incas’ immense cultural heritage.

Photo : Caroline Thibault
Photo: Caroline Bergeron

Dinner is Served! The Story of French Cuisine
Until October 13, 2019

To celebrate the French gourmet meal—and bring to life this UNESCO-recognized intangible cultural heritage—Pointe-à-Callière is devoting an entire exhibition to the inexhaustible and delectable subject of French cuisine. The exhibition Dinner is Served! The Story of French Cuisine takes visitors on a journey across centuries to explore the particularities of the French meal—from its ingredients to the know-how of its artisans, its specialities, its traditions, and its current trends. An exhibition to be savoured slowly until October 13 as you contemplate and appreciate the full richness of France’s culinary culture…

Into the Wonder Room
Until January 5, 2020

The Into the Wonder Room exhibition, already really popular with families, will be presented until January 5, 2020 and invites you into the fascinating and unique world of cabinets of curiosities! A true homage to the beauty and strangeness of the world, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey around the globe, showcasing over 1,000 magnificent and rare objects—often exotic and sometimes unusual—displayed in an array of impressive installations. Mysterious items, fantastic creatures, mounted animals, and scientific instruments demonstrate how knowledge, know-how, and science have evolved over the centuries. You will also learn more about the all-consuming passion and singular universe of seven Quebec-based collectors.

Parliament House, Montreal. Source: Bibliothèque et Archives Canada/Augustus Kollner fonds/C-013425

Montréal... Capital of United Canada 1843-1849 – Politicians at Work
Until October 30, 2019

To help you enjoy the beautiful days of fall and deepen your knowledge of Montreal’s political history, Pointe-à-Callière takes you to a site of national importance: the archaeological site of St. Ann’s Market and Parliament of the United Province of Canada. A model of the former building has been erected at Place D’Youville West on a scale that is ¼ the actual size of the parliament building, which highlights various Canadian political figures that trod the soil on the site.

Lectures with something for everyone

In addition to the Samedis de l'histoire lecture series returning to Pointe-à-Callière this fall, the Museum will present different lectures related specifically to the Dinner is Served! The Story of French Cuisine exhibition. On September 28, Pointe-à-Callière will welcome Louise Décarie, a passionate connoisseur of the history of French confectionery, as part of the Journées de la culture. On October 13, Chef Christian Faure, Best Craftsman of France, and Ms. Julia Csergo, who oversaw the submission of the “French gastronomic meal” to UNESCO’S Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (inscribed in 2010), will discuss the history of French pastry-making. These lectures are presented in French only.

On September 29, Pointe-à-Callière will also present a free guided tour of the Montréal archaeology and history complex to show visitors the rich architecture of its pavilions.

Family activities for Halloween and the holidays

On Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27, kids aged 4 to 10 can spend some time with comical characters at the Museum’s archaeological ruins through an interactive visit that will plunge them into the imaginary world of the wacky ghosts at Pointe-à-Callière. On December 14 and 15 and from December 21 to 31, they can meet different Christmas characters for a merry tour of the world’s holiday traditions!

Photo: Geneviève Giguère
Photo: Geneviève Giguère