Jobs and internships

Pointe-à-Callière is a stimulating work environment. The Museum offers positions in many different areas, from general management to management of the Foundation, administration, marketing, communications, services to the public, exhibitions, conservation, public programs, property management and security.

-Quality of visitor experience : Loving, welcoming, supporting, inspiring, surprising and inspiring dreams
Visitor service is at the heart of our concerns and attention. Our teams put all their talent and effort into providing our visitors with an unforgettable experience.

-Creativity and innovation : Reinventing ourselves to stand out
Constantly on the lookout for new developments, we imagine, experiment and bring to life new and original ideas. Our teams are ahead of the game, helping to drive progress.

-Teamwork and employee fulfillment : Committing together
We unite around common projects. We all work together in harmony, towards the same goal: to make things happen. Our teams thrive within the organization.

-Excellence : Excelling to shine
We exceed the expectations of the challenges we take on. Our teams stand out for their rigor and expertise.

Positions include the following categories:

  • Professional
  • Clerical
  • Technical services
  • Services to the public
  • Middle and senior management

Send your resume to [email protected].

Every year the Museum welcomes a large number of student interns, mainly at the undergraduate and graduate levels. If you are interested in joining our team, please:

  • Send us your resume to [email protected];
  • Describe your program of studies and the kind of internship you are seeking;
  • Tell us in which department or sector you would like to work;
  • Identify a professor who can vouch for you, at the institution where you are studying.

The Museum receives a large number of internship applications. We reserve the right to retain only those applications that fit directly with our plans and priorities.