Are you pirate or privateer?

Are you pirate or privateer?
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In this activity, children take part in a tale of adventure that plays out against an impressive backdrop representing a privateer ship. Children have the Come Aboard! Pirates or Privateers exhibition room to themselves for the duration of the activity.

They truly get to put themselves in a pirate’s—or privateer’s—shoes, exploring what daily life was like aboard ship, while testing their ability to be a good shipmate. Then, they take part in a scavenger hunt, following clues to find things the pirates or privateers have stolen.

Lastly, the children get to make a nautical flag—just like the ones used on a pirate or privateer ship—which they can take home as a souvenir of their expedition.

Information and reservations: 514-872-8209, or [email protected]

  • Maximum of 15 participants and 3 accompanying adults per group (maximum of 18 people);
  • Parents are responsible for providing snacks; the Museum provides a space in which the activity is held, and where drinks/cake can be served;
  • Certain decorations are permitted ;
  • Payment by credit card or cheque upon signing the contract ;
  • No refunds less than 12 days prior to the event date;
  • Cost: $450 (+ taxes) (includes the 2-hour activity with a guide in attendance at all times).

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