December 2018

La Petite Vie

Pointe-à-Callière celebrates the 25th anniversary of cult TV series La Petite Vie.
An entertaining event that’s not to be missed!

Montréal, November 28, 2018 – In the fall of 1993, the first episode of a television series that would soon go on to break all ratings records was broadcast on Radio-Canada. Much more than just a passing fad, the comedy series—all 59 episodes and 3 specials—would become a veritable social phenomenon, forever ingrained in Québec’s collective imagination.

Countless references and expressions from the series have become part of everyday speech. In hindsight, La Petite Vie can be considered to be part of Québec’s intangible heritage. Today, rebroadcasts of the show still reach an enviable audience of 600,000 viewers.

To celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary in a truly entertaining way, Pointe-à-Callière is inviting the public to its La Petite Vie event, from December 5, 2018 to April 7, 2019.

Welcome to the Parés’
Making their way along a path punctuated with interactive elements, visitors will immerse themselves in the wild and wacky world of the famous Paré family. They’ll have an opportunity to take a seat in the Paré family car with its hood-top television set, admire the family apartment’s legendary interior design, and get their picture taken in Moman and Popa’s vertical bed… taking part in various immersive activities along the way and getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the sets and costumes!

Visitors will also get a glimpse of life on the set as they watch several excerpts and bloopers, each more hilarious than the next, and get some background on writing the series from its creator, Claude Meunier.

Will they learn more about the notorious shepherd’s pie that Thérèse always struggles to make? Will they finally learn what exactly is in Popa’s trash cans? Will they successfully pass the lie detector-watch test? Only a visit to the Museum will provide the answers.

Called on to comment, Popa had nothing to say besides his now famous “Eh baptême!”… impressed as he was with the event’s originality. As for Moman, she promised to cook a big turkey for everyone coming, the whole thing basted in a special vintage bottle of Château Ragoût, made from her son-in-law’s own recipe, to be enjoyed with the entire clan of eccentric characters: Thérèse, Réjean, Caro, Rénald, Lison, and Moman’s cherished son Rod.

A tribute to the creators, artisans, and actors
Executive Director Francine Lelièvre is delighted to have the Museum celebrate the 25th anniversary of this cult TV series, which is decidedly rooted in Québec’s popular culture. “By inviting the public to visit the famous Paré family in an entertaining and immersive setting, we first wanted to pay tribute to the creators, artisans, and actors, in addition to thanking the wide audience that has supported them all these years.” Ms. Lelièvre also noted that, despite her best efforts, the advance preparation for this tribute event has been punctuated with uncontrollable laughter and great memories.

Series creator and actor Claude Meunier expressed how happy he was to see the series’ sets brought back to life at the Museum of Montréal. “Together with Pointe-à-Callière, we wanted to take advantage of the 25th anniversary to give the gift of La Petite Vie to the show’s many fans. Whether they were with us in the studio or in front of their small screens, they played an important role in the success we enjoyed, and I am very grateful to them.”

Activities for the fans
To complement the exhibition, Pointe-à-Callière will be organizing a variety of entertaining and family-friendly activities that bring to mind some of the best moments of La Petite Vie: the holiday season at the Parés’ from January 2 to 6, La Nuit blanche on March 2 as of 8 pm, and school break from March 2 to 8. Budding do-it-yourselfers, take note!

Not to be outdone, the Société des alcools du Québec will be selling two “grand cru” wines made famous on the series: the renowned Château Ragoût, an exquisite red, and Clos de Thérèse, an easy-drinking white. Lastly, a wide range of related items will be available at the Museum Shop.

A record audience and multiple awards
It should be noted that La Petite Vie’s record ratings remain unbeaten and that, even today, the series continues to reach thousands of loyal viewers with repeat broadcasts of its 59 original episodes, every Saturday evening on ICI RADIO-CANADA TÉLÉ and any time at ICI’s Extra TOU.TV. Between 1994 and 2003, the series won 21 Gémeaux awards, 3 Félix awards, and 1 Olivier. In 2010, it was voted the favourite series of the past 25 years.

Major Partners
The La Petite Vie event is produced by Pointe-à-Callière, the Montréal Archaeology and History Complex, in collaboration with Avanti Groupe and inspired by the initial concept by Musée POP in Trois-Rivières. Pointe-à-Callière sincerely thanks its sponsors for their support: Radio-Canada, presenter of the event in collaboration with RECYC-QUÉBEC, as well as Tourisme Montréal, InterContinental Montréal, and La Presse.

About Pointe-à-Callière, the Montréal Archaeology and History Complex
The birthplace of Montréal, Pointe-à-Callière is the largest history museum in the city. Built above a concentrated number of national historic and archaeological sites, the museum complex’s mission is to raise awareness and foster an appreciation of Montréal’s history, and to forge bonds with regional, national, and international networks.

The Museum is subsidized by the City of Montréal.

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