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May 2nd, 2001 — September 16th, 2001

1701 – The Great Peace of Montréal

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the signing of the Great Peace of Montréal with the First Nations, come enjoy an exhibition and all kinds of activities right on the very site of the event, where the Museum now stands.

In 1701, Louis-Hector de Callière and delegates representing 39 First Nations made their marks at the bottom of a treaty, the Great Peace of Montréal, right here at pointe à Callière. In 2001, we will be celebrating the 300th anniversary of this milestone in the history of international diplomacy.

There will be an exhibition and lots to see and do, not only to recall this remarkable page in history but also to promote "a culture of peace", as proclaimed by the UN for this decade. Activities will be held throughout 2001, at Pointe-à-Callière, elsewhere in Montréal and in many regions of Québec. The highlight will be three days of celebrations, commemorations and family fun in early August.

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