Virtual Activity
Elementary Cycle 2

Live from History

50 min.
One class with a maximum of 24 people
Live from History
Photo: Raphaël Thibodeau / Pointe-à-Callière

Have Pointe-à-Callière and its guides join you in the classroom! With our virtual guided tours for schools, your students can further their knowledge of history and explore remarkable archaeological remains and artifacts… It’s just like having the whole class at the Museum in person!

In this educational activity, students will learn about the first occupants of the St. Lawrence Valley and their relations with the Europeans. Your class will explore the nomadic and sedentary lifestyles of the First Nations, get to know Montréal founders Jeanne Mance and De Maisonneuve while visiting the remains of Fort Ville-Marie, and understand the bartering and fur trade that took place between Indigenous peoples and the French.

Activity Format

With its hybrid format, this educational activity will first take you on a remote journey through Pointe-à-Callière—a virtual guided tour created especially for school groups and led by one of our qualified guides—during which you will explore the history of the archaeological site of Montréal’s birthplace. Your students will also get the opportunity to see the Where Montréal Began exhibition at the Museum.

After the virtual tour, our guide will stay online with you for an interactive activity, giving your students a chance to further explore the content covered on the tour. Your group will learn about the First Nations’ various tools and materials, and determine which were used by nomadic or sedentary groups. Students will also learn about the principles of bartering and about the objects traded between the First Nations and Europeans.

One of our guides will be on hand throughout the activity to answer your students’ questions. The activity is focused on dialogue, observation, and discovery.

How it works

This activity takes place on Microsoft Teams. When you make your reservation, you will receive a personalized link so you can log on at the scheduled date and time and connect with our guide, who will host your group remotely.

You will need:

  • 1 computer with an Internet connection (with activated speakers, microphone and webcam)
  • 1 projector or screen (IWB or TV)

Educational competencies

The workshop activities are in line with the goals of the government’s educational program and will help students develop specific competencies.

In Québec

Geography, History and Citizenship Education

  • Societies studied:
    -Iroquoians, Algonquians circa 1350 and circa 1701
    -French society in New France in the 17th century

  • Read about how a society was organized in its territory:
    -Situate the society and its territory in space and time.
    -Make connections between characteristics of the society and the organization of its territory as well as the organization of French society in New France in the 17th century.
    -Define the influence of people or events on social and territorial organization.
    -Make connections of continuity with the present.

  • Interpret change in a society and in its territory:
    -Situate a society and its territory in space and at two points in time.
    -Recognize the main changes in the organization of a society and its territory.

  • Be open to the diversity of societies and their territories:
    -Perceive the main similarities and differences between societies and between territories.

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