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Digging in the Future

90 min. without multimedia show
80 people max.
Digging in the Future
Photo : Arianne Bergeron / Pointe-à-Callière

1,000 years from now, what will remain of us? Probably oceans of plastic… mountains of outdated electronic devices. A fine mess to leave behind for our perplexed descendants!

Archaeologists of the future need you to help them understand our era. Become archaeology interns and create a prototype time capsule that will serve to represent the present-day and help future archaeologists comprehend our society and explore the history of Montréal, from yesterday to tomorrow.

By engaging in the archaeological investigation process, students broach ideas and handle objects, thinking “with their hands” about the traces that past and present societies leave to the future. In other words, they take inspiration from yesterday to leave traces of today for tomorrow.

What will students experience?:

  • They will step into the shoes of an archaeologist by following the scientific method of archaeology—based on research, analysis, and hypotheses—when faced with archaeological data.
  • They will reflect on the traces they are leaving behind for future generations.
  • They will explore, handle, and produce a prototype, and think about archaeology, the future, and the environment.

Concepts addressed in the activity:

  • Archaeology: learning about the steps in the scientific method used by archaeologists.
  • Careers: exploring the professions of archaeologist, historian, and archivist.
  • History: discovering Pointe-à-Callière Museum and some of its archaeological remains.
  • Environment: reflecting on our lifestyle’s impact on the environment.

Competencies developed

The activities on this interpreted tour are in line with the aims of the Quebec education programs and help develop the following competencies.


Knowledge of the world of work:

  • Sec. I-II: Academic preferences in relation to the job market
  • Sec. III: Occupational preferences and personal profile
  • Sec. IV-V: Personal perceptions and the reality of the world of work

Secondary I-II: Geography

  • Energy-producing regions: impact on the environment and hydrocarbons
  • Industrial regions: industrialization, commercialization, and environment
  • Metropolis

Secondary I-II: History and Citizenship Education


  • Examine and interpret a social phenomenon using the historical method
  • Construct one’s awareness of citizenship through the study of history

Secondary III-IV: History of Québec and Canada

Secondary III content: origins to 1840
Competencies – Secondary III-IV:
+ Characterize a period in the history of Québec and Canada
+ Interpret a social phenomenon

Secondary V — Contemporary world

Social issues (plastic and consumption)

Digging in the Future is a program made possible through the financial support of the Government of Québec.

Québec Governement

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1 theme, 2 activities, 2 museums!

Spend the day enjoying two complementary archaeology-themed school activities at Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal’s Archaeology and History Complex, and at the Marguerite-Bourgeoys Historic Site.