Hydro-Québec Multimedia Theater

Award ceremonies, corporate presentations, projections (Betacam, VHS, SVHS, DVD, HDTV), lectures or other special events.
Hydro-Québec Multimedia Theater

Simply breathtaking!

This newly updated room, outfitted with cutting-edge audio and video equipment, is available for lectures and presentations. The retractable stage appears to float above the archaeological remains. It is surrounded by a 390 m2 installation, made up of 40 fragmented projection surfaces, each contoured by lighting whose colour can be changed to create the specific atmosphere you require for your event. Speakers will certainly feel in control before their audience, and spectators will be captivated by the show going on right before their eyes. A unique environment for an unforgettable event!

Add a screening of our multimedia show Generations MTL and take a spectacular journey to key events in the history of Montréal!

144 people seated
180 people (total capacity)

The stage is an elevated platform that is accessed via a ramp coming out of the left side of the screen.

Scene Dimensions
6.6 m X 3.5 m
Maximum capacity of 15 people
High-speed Internet access and connections for 3 computers

Rental includes:

  • Choice of coloured contour lighting on the installation
  • The projection of presentations on the rear screen: 7.07 metres (diagonal), 16: 10 ratio
  • Choice of ambient lighting on stage
  • Several microphone options
  • Computer-based projection

Other options:

  • Audio and video recording and webcasting.

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