Display case
March 9th, 2021 — June 5th, 2022

FRÉDÉRIC BACK, A Passion for the Planet

Photo : Samuel Tremblay-Boucher

Tribute exhibition

FRÉDÉRIC BACK, A Passion for the Planet
On display until June 5, 2022

An immensely talented artist and committed environmentalist, Frédéric Back (1924 – 2013) made an impact on Montréal and all of Québec, leaving behind a priceless legacy.

He was a visionary, both in his work as an animator and in his fight for the planet, with his two short films—Crac and The Man Who Planted Trees—setting precedents in the world of animated film, in terms of their technical and artistic achievement and their sensitive approach to the subject matter. Winning Academy Awards for Best Animated Short, the films brought him international renown.

Featuring watercolours, posters, sketchbooks, and drawings, along with excerpts from the artist’s short films, personal objects—including his two Oscars—and archival photos, the FRÉDÉRIC BACK, A Passion for the Planet display case pays tribute to the brilliant illustrator who devoted his art to his environmental commitment. A must-see when you visit the Museum!

Did you know? Moving from imagery to action, Frédéric Back and his wife Ghylaine Paquin-Back planted some 100,000 trees on their property. It should come as no surprise then that the massive park on Jarry Street East in Montréal—on the site of a former dump now dedicated to the environment—bears his name.