Permanent exhibition

Building Montréal

Photo: Caroline Bergeron

The Building Montréal exhibition, allows you to relive key moments in our History from 1350 until today.

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Make your way to the Marketplace in 1749, where you will meet three virtual historical characters, who—through the magic of artificial intelligence—can speak to you, just like you were there! See a gallery of moving portraits of Montrealers and look up your ancestors in our incredible bank of genealogical data containing over 22,000 family names. Follow a timeline illustrating highlights in the city’s history and, lastly, explore the archaeological crypt, filled with evidence of several centuries of occupancy.

Building Montréal is a testament to the men and women who shaped the city, from the past to the present. Explore Montréal’s history in this astonishing exhibition that offers a uniquely captivating and engaging experience.

Photo: Caroline Bergeron
Photo: Caroline Bergeron

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