Permanent exhibition

Building Montréal

Photo: Alain Vandal

In the Building Montréal exhibition, visitors are whisked back in time to relive key moments in our city’s past under the French and British regimes, from the 17th to the 19th century.

Video: GSM Project

A multimedia installation illustrates, explains and brings to life the remains in the Museum’s archaeological crypt, including one of the only walls from the 1744 fortifications that has been preserved and can still be seen. Rising above remains of over 1,000 years of human occupancy and the very birthplace of Montréal, Pointe-à-Callière covers several centuries of history, from the First Nations period to the present, and houses remarkable architectural remains displayed in situ.

How would you fare as a 17th-century fur trader or an 18th-century firefighter? What sort of jobs do you think Montrealers did in the 19th century? Test your skills and knowledge with our three new interactive games, downstairs in the remains. Fascinating challenges for all ages!

Photo: Alain Vandal

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