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Photo: Marc-Antoine Zoueki

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With the Archaeo-Adventure workshop, the Museum gives young people and their families a chance to experience a simulated archaeological dig, first on the site, then in the head archaeologist’s tent and the lab space.

This space in the basement of the Mariners' House – National Bank Building is a very realistic reproduction of a dig site, offering visitors an unusual and rewarding scientific experience. They can step into an archaeologist’s shoes and head off to find authentic remains and artifacts buried in the soil, all the while discovering the secrets the past can reveal.

Photo: Marc-Antoine Zoueki

Get out your trowels, brushes, clipboards and pencils!

The space devoted to Archaeo-Adventure is divided into four large zones where visitors can explore traces of Montréal’s history and, in the Archaeo-Quiz zone, find out how people lived in Montréal in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries.

One zone is a real dig site where visitors can excavate with real tools like real archaeologists and learn proper work methods and techniques. In another zone, they can explore the head archaeologist’s tent and see how it is fitted out. Finally, the last zone is a laboratory, where the archaeologist’s work continues, describing, classifying, cataloguing and analyzing the artifacts and ecofacts found on the dig site. This is a truly unique experience!

Photo: Marc-Antoine Zoueki
Photo: Marc-Antoine Zoueki

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