March 2013

A nautical-themed multimedia installation

For immediate release

Montréal, March 6, 2013 – Pointe-à-Callière decided to mount a permanent multimedia installation in the foyer of the Museum’s fifth building as a way of presenting information for visitors and at the same time adding a unique nautical-themed visual signature in keeping with the building’s original vocation. The Museum teams devoted much time and thought to the content, meaning and orientation they hoped to see reflected in the installation before giving the commission to Moment Factory, an internationally acclaimed Montréal company.

A unique visual signature
Visible both indoors and from the street, by both day and night, year-round, the horizontal fresco produced by Moment Factory is 0.6 metres tall by 12.4 metres wide (2 feet tall by 40 feet wide). It is made up of 12 digital screens, recalling the horizon, and is inspired by nautical symbols and textures. In addition to serving as a striking visual element in the Mariners’ House foyer, it helps to inform visitors about the building’s vocation and the Museum’s different activities.

An original, integrated work of art
The Moment Factory team successfully created an integrated environment where the visual elements are inspired by the design concept, while shaping the space and making a vivid statement. The installation is intended to awaken visitors’ imaginations so they can dive into the maritime history that is part of the original vocation of the Museum’s fifth building. The idea was to add a poetic touch to a place filled with so much history and factual information. The seafaring theme inspired the teams to explore new creative means of evoking it. The analog cinematographic approach they used made it possible to create special effects using the camera.

Moment Factory, an internationally acclaimed Montréal studio
This is the second time Pointe-à-Callière has worked with Moment Factory, a Montréal studio specializing in the design and production of multimedia environments – the first collaboration was for the Yours Truly, Montréal show, presented in the Hydro-Québec multimedia theatre overlooking the remains of Montréal’s birthplace. Moment Factory has created over 300 shows around the world and worked with artists like Céline Dion, Madonna and Bon Jovi, in addition to creating the Ode à la vie (Ode to Life) multimedia show screened on the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.