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May 25th, 2020 — April 16th, 2021

The Hudson’s Bay Company – 350 Years of History

Photo: Romain Guilbault

This display case will be available at the Museum until April 25, 2021.

350 years ago… For most of its existence, The Hudson’s Bay Company was involved in the fur trade, from where its motto—Pro Pelle Cutem (a Latin phrase meaning “a skin for a skin”)—originates.

From the fur trade to long expeditions to big department stores, the history of The Hudson’s Bay Company is intimately linked to that of Canada. Montréal was at the heart of the company’s development well before the opening, in 1960, of its impressive store on Sainte-Catherine Street West, which is still there today.

Pointe-à-Callière invites you to relive the rich 350-year history of this treasured company through a Museum display case featuring period photos, objects relating to the fur trade, and other items evoking Hudson’s Bay Company milestones.