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December 10th, 2023

Lecture | The River and its Wrecks by Charles Dagneau - SOLD OUT

Lecture | The River and its Wrecks by Charles Dagneau - SOLD OUT

Sunday, December 10, 2023
1 pm

360º Space

Lecturer: Charles Dagneau

45 minutes + 15-minute question period

Regular: $7
Members: $4

In French

Take a deep dive down to the seabed to explore the wrecks that archaeologists have searched and studied

The St. Lawrence River is brimming with archaeological sites and there is a whole wide world to explore and analyze in the depths of the great waterway. The wrecks of the Elisabeth and Mary (1690), the RMS Empress of Ireland (1914), and other subaquatic sites will be discussed, highlighting their unique features and respective contexts. Maritime archaeology can reveal all manner of impressive treasures and stories.

Not to be missed!

Charles Dagneau

Charles Dagneau was born in Québec City. From early on in his career, he has worked as an archaeologist on land and underwater at a variety of sites in Canada, the United States, and France. He specializes in post-medieval maritime archaeology, specifically naval architecture, the material culture of wrecks, and wood analysis. Charles has been a member of the Parks Canada Underwater Archaeology team since 2008.