Lecture Series
November 27th, 2022

Lecture | Headdresses of South America

Lecture | Headdresses of South America

Sunday, November 27
1 pm

Mariners’ House, 360° Space
165 Place D'Youville

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In French

In South America, featherwork reveals an especially vibrant language. Each people on this continent has an endless variation of its own fineries thanks to the wide array of feathers available from local wildlife. Most often worn during rituals and political events, these ornaments express the complexity of social structures.

A leading specialist in South American culture and traditions, Victor Pimentel will present the great headdresses from the exhibition Headdresses from Around the World, Antoine de Galbert's Collection from different Latin American countries and their associated rites and customs.

Speaker: Victor Pimentel, Archaeologist and Anthropologist