Children's birthdays

Celebrating a child’s birthday at Pointe-à-Callière: a guaranteed success!

To make your child's birthday a truly special event, the Museum suggests a way to give him—and his or her friends—a unique experience they won’t soon forget. They can discover the way of life of a pirate or privateer on a ship from the New France era, or become a archaeologist in a simulated dig site.

For an original party that’s sure to be a hit. Kids will love it!

You have the choice between two appealing activities on the themes of history and archaeology:

  • Cast off for adventure with Pirates and Privateers?

In this activity, children take part in a tale of adventure that plays out against an impressive backdrop representing a privateer ship. Children have the Pirates or Privateers exhibition room to themselves for the duration of the activity. They truly get to put themselves in a pirate’s—or privateer’s—shoes, exploring what daily life was like aboard ship, while testing their ability to be a good shipmate. Then, they take part in a scavenger hunt, following clues to find things the pirates or privateers have stolen. Lastly, the children get to make a nautical flag—just like the ones used on a pirate or privateer ship—which they can take home as a souvenir of their expedition.

  • Archaeology is Cool!

The Museum offers young people an archaeological activity that takes place in a veritable simulated dig site, located in an all-new space at the Museum: the Archaeo-Adventure Workshop. Children take part in a search for archaeological objects. The little budding archaeologists even get to put on an archaeologist’s gloves to examine and handle real artefacts. Once all of the objects have been unearthed, children can let their imaginations run wild by making a clay model of some Amerindian pottery. They can bring their work of art home as evidence of their exciting archaeological dig.

Schedules, details and conditions

For any additional information or to make a reservation, please contact:

Christine Lavertu or Louise Dubeau
Special Events Co-ordinators