Featured - Temporary exhibitions

From October 23rd 2013 to September 1st 2014
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In addition to its temporary exhibitions, Pointe-à-Callière offers all kinds of activities throughout the year: cultural events, lectures, symposia and special programs. It’s an exciting line-up of attractions, some of them free, that give you a chance to appreciate history, archaeology and Montréal’s many delights, both summer and winter.

Coming activities and events

On May 3rd 2014

Lectures presented by the Société historique de Montréal in a partnership with Pointe-à-Callière.

On May 26th 2014

The annual Builders Club evening brings together some of Montréal’s business leaders, both men and women, who are shaping modern-day Montréal and laying the foundations for the city of tomorrow.

From August 23rd to August 24th 2014

Over the course of a weekend, take a trip back in time to find yourself in the company of farmers, craftspeople, and entertainers as they existed in 1750, at the time of Montréal's very first public marketplace.

From October 18th to October 26th 2014

Paying activity, included with admission to the Museum
Children will enjoy a whimsical look (with some thrills and chills, naturally) at the cultural origins of Halloween and associated beliefs, as they tour the Museum.

From December 6th to December 28th 2014

Paying activity, included with admission to the Museum.
Meet Santa Clauses from around the world, accompanied by our interpreter-guides