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Vikings - Dragons of the Northern Seas

90 minutes
80 people max.
Vikings - Dragons of the Northern Seas

Immerse yourself in the real and mythological world of the Vikings with 4 enthralling tales that will captivate young people’s interest and fire their imagination: the tale of origins, the tale of life, the tale of travel, and the tale of end of days.

Students will find out who the Vikings really were, learning about them from various angles: as peasants, artisans, merchants, navigators, explorers, and warriors. This exceptional historical journey presents new perspectives and the most up-to-date scientific knowledge on Viking society, whose era spanned the years 793 to 1066 CE. Come see over 650 objects from the collections of the National Museum of Denmark, showcased against a breathtaking backdrop punctuated with images from the Ubisoft game @Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Join your students on this captivating voyage of discovery… Come meet the Vikings—still very present in today’s popular culture—and learn much more about their daily lives, beliefs, and culture.

What will the students experience?

On the tour, you will see works of gold and silverware, everyday objects, weaponry, and life-sized reproductions of ships.
Through these objects you will :

  • Learn about the mythological tales that defined Viking thinking, from birth to life after death.
  • Find out that the Vikings were indeed warriors, but were farmers, traders, and explorers too.
  • See that the Vikings had a considerable and remarkably lasting impact in Europe with their raids, their explorations, and their colonization of certain territories.
  • Marvel at their talent as navigators and shipbuilders, which allowed for their expansion through the world.
  • Examine the work of Viking artisans, who were extremely talented, especially as goldsmiths.

Competencies developed

The activities on this interpreted tour are in line with the aims of the Quebec education programs and help develop the following competencies.

In Québec

History and Citizenship Education

The West – The Christianization of the West

  • Examine social phenomena from a historical perspective
    • Contemplate the past of social phenomena
    • Consider social phenomena in terms of duration
    • Look at social phenomena in their complexity
  • Interpret social phenomena using the historical method
    • Establish the factual basis of social phenomena (find information on various aspects of the facts)
  • Construct one’s consciousness of citizenship through the study of history

History of Québec and Canada — Secondary III

  • Characterize a period in the history of Québec and Canada
    • Establish historical facts
      • Retrace events
      • Consider the aspects of society
      • Identify historical actors and witnesses
      • Identify actions and words
    • Establish a chronology
      • Refer to chronological reference points
      • Establish the sequence of events
    • Consider geographical features
      • Identify natural features of a territory
      • Identify evidence of the settlement of a territory
  • Program content:
    • The experience of the Indigenous peoples and the colonization attempts (origins to 1608)
      • C. 1000, Viking settlement at Anse-aux-Meadows

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Access to the Museum

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