Queens of Egypt

90 min. without multimedia show96 people max.
Queens of Egypt
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Queens of Egypt
New! From April 10 to November 4, 2018

Travel back in time to ancient Egypt—to the days of the Egyptian Empire, some 3,500 years ago—where you will meet women whose remarkable destiny saw them become the wives, mothers, and daughters of pharaohs!

Elementary - Cycle 3

From their birth, the main concern of the future queens of Egypt is to prepare their passage to the afterlife. Your students will follow in their footsteps, passing as they did from the world of the living to the world of the dead. They will be accompanied by a character well acquainted with royal tombs. Passport in hand, children will accumulate points, in this case scarabs, in each activity they participate in. It will take 10 scarabs to successfully pass Osiris’ tribunal and become eternal as the queens of Egypt did!

Allow children to:

  • locate Ancient Egypt in time and space;
  • meet the remarkable characters of this civilisation;
  • discover the day to day lives and the beliefs of these characters;
  • stimulate observation, deduction, and imagination in the course of this journey.

Secondary - Cycles 1 and 2

Students will discover the rich Egyptian civilization during the period of the New Kingdom through encounters with its women: goddesses, mothers and queens. This visit will be a unique opportunity to learn about the key locations of Egyptian society, its social organization, and its symbolic context through its material culture. Enriched by the life story of historical female figures, students will be led to discover the main tenants of the culture, beliefs, rituals, and immense legacy of the Egyptian civilization during antiquity.

Allow children to:

  • locate Ancient Egypt and the New Kingdom in space and time;
  • understand what was an Egyptian queen and the different statuses of women;
  • discover the everyday life, beliefs, and professions of people during the New Kingdom.

Visit: 30 minutes
Activity: 60 minutes

Our experienced interpreter-guides can adapt the tour to students’ ages and interests, making this a rich and varied learning experience.



Information and reservations

Role of accompanying adults

Divide the group into smaller sub-groups according to the number of groups specified on your reservation. The number of groups required corresponds to the number of accompanying adults required during the visit.

Follow the group at all times to maintain discipline and manage particular cases. The mediator or guide will lead the visit. Accompanying adults must stay with and supervise the group during lunch time.

Saputo Lunch room

A lunch room is available for groups.
Reservations required.

Per student$1
Free if taking part in two activities during the day.

Access to the Museum
Consult instructions.
There is free bus parking on de la Commune Street, at the corner of Place Royale.

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Queens of Egypt

Queens of Egypt

Visit this international exhibition from April 10 to November 4, 2018!