December 26th, 2022 — January 6th, 2023

Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops

December 26 to 30 and January 3 to 6

1 pm to 4 pm

Mariners’ House Lobby – National Bank Pavilion

Activity included with Museum admission

Discover the knowledge and creativity of the peoples from Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania at these creative workshops for the exhibition Headdresses from around the World, The Antoine de Galbert Collection.


December 26 to 28

With artist Omar Gammaoui, create African-inspired masks by experimenting with a panoply of textures and colours.


December 29 and 30

In collaboration with PAAL, an association with Mexican roots, put every ounce of your creativity into designing a copillis, a traditional headdress decorated with feathers and beads.


January 3 and 4

With the help of Les ateliers C, create a mosaic of geometric motifs, shells and embroidery inspired by art from Oceania!


January 5 and 6

Discover the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy with artist Yu-Lin Tung as she helps you brush Asian-inspired illustrations that can be applied to a lantern, charm or canvas.

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