Previous exhibitions

Pointe-à-Callière has put on many exhibitions over the years, including various international exhibitions in partnership with some of the world’s leading museums. A number of these shows left their mark on Montréal’s cultural landscape. Here is a summary of these exhibitions that took visitors on fabulous journeys through space and time.

From May 6th to October 26th 2014

Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal’s Archaeology and History Complex, is bringing its visitors an exhibition that will fire their imaginations and take them on an incredible voyage: Marco Polo — An Epic Journey transports visitors to the 13th century, taking them from Venice to China, along a route so astonishing and exceptional that it is still being discussed over seven centuries later.

From March 29th 2013 to March 30th 2014

The Beatles in Montréal is an exhibition on the Montréal stopover of this legendary British group that revolutionized pop music around the world, and that also had a profound influence on musical trends that took root right here in Montréal and throughout Québec. Designed as an exhibition-experience, The Beatles in Montréal uses this musical event as a starting point for an examination of Montréal history and the emergence of “yéyé” music in 1960s Québec.

From April 30th to September 29th 2013

The Tea Roads is a journey across centuries and continents on ancient roads that climb to breathtaking heights, taking us all the way to modern times. Starting in China, where the little leaves with a myriad of benefits first appeared, and where the three main means of preparing tea—boiling, beating, and infusing—were developed, the exhibition offers up an ancient itinerary that ventures into the realm of poetry and refinement, exploring the love of tea.

From May 17th 2012 to March 31st 2013

Well-known in Québec for his work in the prevention and treatment of cancer, Richard Béliveau is a university professor, researcher, author, speaker, and presenter, as well as a devotee of Japanese culture and a great collector of Japanese objects and artwork. For the very first time, Mr. Béliveau has agreed to exhibit part of his vast collection. It is one of the most important collections in the world, both for its historical value and rarity, as well as in terms of the number and diversity of items it contains.

From June 23rd to November 25th 2012

A world-exclusive presentation at Pointe-à-Callière, The Etruscans – An Ancient Italian Civilization is an exhibition on one of the most remarkable and renowned civilizations of Antiquity, which developed in Italy, mainly in the region of Tuscany, over the course of nearly ten centuries, from the 9th to the 1st century BCE. This exhibition will allow visitors to explore and admire this people that figured prominently in the evolution of humanity and of the Mediterranean cultures, and which today still remains one of the most fascinating civilizations of that era.

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