Archaeological Field School

The Museum’s archaeological field school was founded in 2002, the result of a partnership between Pointe-à-Callière and the Anthropology Department of the Université de Montréal, and in collaboration with Concordia University. The school hosts summer interns, who search for remains of the actual founding of the city.

Under this research program, students have been systematically excavating the site for several years now, adding to our knowledge of its historical potential. The digs and background work on documentary and material sources will shed new light on different historical periods, from Native camps to Fort Ville-Marie (a period we still know little about), Callière’s Residence, the coexistence of the French and Natives, the coming of the British Regime and the economic boom in the 19th century.

The program is funded under the Agreement on the cultural development of Montréal, and is contributing to advancing archaeological research and scientific knowledge about Montréal’s birthplace. It is also helping to build a valuable partnership between the Museum and Montréal universities, so as to develop historical archaeology in the metropolitan region and give students access to an exceptional learning environment at an archaeological site in the heart of the city. These internships allow archaeology students to learn first-hand about excavation methods and techniques and different ways of disseminating their findings.