Coming activities and events

From June 2nd to November 30th 2014

Paper was invented in China sometime during the four centuries of the Han Dynasty, which began 200 years before the Common Era. At the time, paper was made from a blend of mulberry bark, hemp, and rags. A well-kept secret for a very long time, the recipe for paper finally made its way to Europe near the end of the 12th century. The Chinese were also the first to use paper money, and Marco Polo described this discovery—which he made while on his epic journey at the end of the 13th century—in his Description of the World.

On November 3rd 2014

Moment Factory has thrilled the whole world with its exceptional multimedia productions. Now, on November 3, the firm will be welcoming GénérationsCité members for a unique event.

On November 25th 2014

This years Major Donors event to be held on November 25 2014, at the World Trade Center Montréal.